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U-Shaped Body Pillow

When you looking for, and reviewing U-shaped body pillows, you’ve taken the first step to a great decision. There are many types of body pillows: Straight, curved, “C” shaped, and U-shaped. The advantage of a U-shaped pillow is that it cuddles your entire body. You can use the pillow to support your back and front while sleeping on your side. This keeps you from rolling onto your back while you sleep. A larger sized U-shaped body pillow will also be long enough so you can have one leg of the U extend between your knees and even ankles.

A U-Shaped body pillow can be formed into a number of different positions to support you while reading in bed, watching TV, back sleeping, stomach sleeping, playing video games, or when you just want a pillow to cuddle with during the night.

How do you choose the right U-shaped body pillow? Look for ones that are hypoallergenic, long enough to go down to your knees and ankles, find one with a pillow case that has a double zipper to make it easy to slip the case on and off. Lastly, look for a U-shaped body pillow that has a better quality filling that holds up to repeated use and machine washing.

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