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What do Comfort-U users have to say...

“I was absolutely miserable trying to sleep during my first pregnancy. Fortunately, during my second pregnancy, I found the Comfort-U body pillow. During the last two trimesters of my pregnancy, I slept with my Comfort-U every night. It made those last months much more comfortable and enjoyable. The pillow was a life-saver!”

-Liz Boyle, Littleton, CO

"Comfort-U was a life saver! I slept the best I have in years. The morning stiffness was vastly improved. It is worth every penny I paid."

-Alice Dombrowski

"I LOVE the pillow, and it really makes a difference when I wake up. Thank you so much."

-Martha Jungwirth

"Words can not express how much you have blessed me with the Comfort-U. It is truly a comfort for me. My sleep has been so much better and it feels good too!"


"I received the Comfort-U Pillow 2 days ago. After sleeping with it 2 nights, I think I am going to enjoy more restful sleep. I'll be happy to travel with it also."

-Lucy Molesworth

"I can’t tell you how much I like the pillow. I find that I have less pain in my back and I sleep so much better. I can curl the pillow around under my knees and that takes the pressure off of my back. It’s also wonderful for just curling up and watching TV. When we go to our cottage the pillow comes with me. I can't say enough good things about it. Everyone should have one!"


"I love the pillow so far it’s been great for my aches and pains!"

-Lana King

"Thanks so much for the pillow, I can't tell you how much better I sleep at night! It has and will be a life saver when my belly gets bigger"


“Sleep? What’s that? That’s what I kept asking myself during my pregnancy. I just couldn't get comfortable… until I found the Comfort-U. What a lifesaver! And now that I’ve given birth, I depend upon this pillow for a restful night's sleep and added comfort during breast feeding!”

-Jennifer Christiansen, RN, Omaha, NE

The following statements are from residents & staff at the Parkview Health Center:

-"More comfortable for positioning."

-"Tucks well around each person, provides great support."

-"Decrease in the number of complaints regarding pain in their legs."

-"Comfortable for the resident to rest within."

-"Easy for staff to use and resident is in comfort."

-"Versatile to use in bed, recliner, or wheelchair."

-"Able to wash in standard size wash machine and dryer."


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