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Comfortu Body Pillow

The ComfortU Body Pillow is a unique pillow, created to help people sleep better, help relieve pain, and be more comfortable relaxing, sleeping or sitting. This body pillow can conform to many different shapes and positions. Therefore, it is great for any size individual. The ComfortU comes in the standard size (about 5’ when in the shape of the U and about eleven feet when fully extended) and a petite size for small adults and children. The petite is about 2/3 the size of the standard body pillow. If you like to sleep on your back, you can wrap the pillow so it cuddles you on your sides. You can tuck the pillow between your knees and ankles to relieve aches associated with your knee and ankle bones hitting each other. Your body will feel great in the morning after sleeping on either the full sized or petite sized ComfortU pillow.

Inside the ComfortU Body Pillow

The pillow is filled with Fusion Fiberfill, a special fiber that feels like down, but is hypoallergenic. It gives the pillow great resilience to a lot of use and washings. The pillow comes with a 50/50 cotton/poly pillow case. This body pillow case zips on and off to easily wash it. You may want an additional pillow case for your ComfortU so that while one pillow case is in the wash, you will have another one ready to go. And the extra ComfortU cases come in a variety of colors and fabrics. A very popular addition to the product line is the Lavender aromatherapy case. More information on the cases can be found at

Comfort-U Body Pillow

How is the Comfort-U Body Pillow different from other body pillows? Great question. The Comfort-U pillow is a patented design, by Jean Kelly. Jean is a nurse who suffered from chronic pain (fibromyalgia). To get comfortable while sleeping, she would bunch pillows on either side of her body and under her head. The pillows cuddled her in comfort. She noticed that the shape of the pillows formed a “U”, with her head in the curved part of the pillows. She set out the design and patent one of the most unique and popular body pillows around.

The One and Only Comfort-U Body Pillow

Often copied or imitated, the Comfort-U is the original U-shaped body pillow. It’s ability to adapt to any position, size, and use had made it very popular. The Comfort-U pillow can be used to prop up your back and head while sleeping or watching TV. It can be shaped for slide sleeper or back sleepers. It is a great body pillow for pregnant women who want a maternity pillow to ease their discomfort. The hypoallergenic materials make it perfect for everyone. The comfort-u body pillow had helped give relief to those in pain and sooth those who just want a more relaxed sleep.

Fibromyalgia Body Pillow

Those who suffer from chronic pain from diseases such as Fibromyalgia know that getting a good nights sleep can be very difficult. Getting a great body pillow can help. In fact, the ComfortU/Comfort-U body pillow was invented by a nurse who had Fibromyalgia. She used to form pillows around her body in the shape of a U. She used this pillow inspiration to create a body pillow which could give her pain relief from the Fibromyalgia. You can read more about the ComfortU pillow here and about the inventor's story here.

Body Pillows for Fibromyalgia sufferers

Thousands have used the specially designed ComfortU / Comfort-U body pillow for pain relief from Fibromyalgia. The pillow is shaped like a giant U. Imagine resting your head in the curve of the U and wrapping the ends of the Pillow on either side of your body. So if you are sleeping on your back, the ends of the body pillow are on your sides. If you sleep on your side, one end of the pillow is along the back of your body and the other end of the pillow would be along the front of your body. Giving you ability to cuddle it and tuck it between your knees and ankles. With the pillow running along both sides of your body, it helps keep you resting in comfort. You can learn more about the ComfortU body pillow here

Maternity Body Pillow

Having a baby is an exciting time. Sometimes getting comfortable in bed is not so exciting. Often it is very uncomfortable. Many pregnant women have found great relief by cuddling up with a full size body pillow. A maternity pillow that is made specifically to conform to the body can give great relief. One of the most popular maternity body pillows is the ComfortU. Many pregnant women comment on how it really made them more comfortable and that they have used them for all their pregnancies.

A full size body pillow, such as the ComfortU, can be shaped to accommodate many different sleeping and sitting positions. It makes a great maternity pillow. While many body pillows are just straight, the ComfortU is in the shape of a giant “U”. From the bottom of the U to the ends, the pillow is about five feet. Pregnant women have found that this maternity body pillow work wonders to comfort them because of the many ways the pillow can be formed, shaped, and used. Additionally, a maternity body such as the ComfortU pillow makes a great gift. You can learn more about the ComfortU body pillow by clicking here

Pregnancy Body Pillow

Using a body pillow during pregnancy can provide great comfort. A pregnancy body pillow is a full size pillow that is long enough to be formed and shaped around the body. A pregnancy body pillow can help pregnant women get more comfortable by taking the pressure off of their back and belly. Try these pillows when sleeping, sitting, on your back, on your side, or traveling in a car. Many women report that they couldn’t imagine going through their pregnancy without a pregnancy body pillow.

Full size pillows used to comfort the body during pregnancy are becoming very popular. So popular, that users of these pillows usually tell their pregnant friends to also get them. Many purchases of pregnancy body pillows are husbands, purchasing these pillows for their wives, knowing that the pillows will provide more comfort. Many pregnant women have chosen the ComfortU body pillow because its unique shape can allow for so many different uses and formations. Additionally, a pregnancy body pillow makes a great gift for family and friends. You can learn more about the ComfortU body pillow by clicking here

Pain Relief Body Pillow

Are you looking for pain relief? If so, consider a body pillow to help out. Not just any body pillow, but a full size body pillow, such as the ComfortU, may just be the answer. The ComfortU body pillow is in the shape of a giant "U". This unique and patented pillow can be shaped in so many ways, it helps to support different parts of the body. Support you back, support your legs, your neck, practically any part of the body that needs pain relief. Because of its unique shape, one "leg" of the pillow can support one side of your body while the other "leg" of the pillow is supporting your other side. You can see pictures and learn more when you click here Next time you have pain and are looking for relief, reach for a Comfort-U body pillow. Twist it, wrap it, fold goes into any position you want and can help relieve painful pressure points. The Comfort-U body pillow is a pillow that also works well to elevate your extremities to reduce swelling. Just think, pain relief.

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Body Pillows by Comfortu

Body Pillows by Comfortu allow for comfortable and relaxing sleep for children as well as adults as they can be easily molded to support just about any size or weight. The Pillows come in various sizes...child-sized body pillow, petite or small sized body pillow, as well as, larger sizes. The smaller sized pillows can also be used for travel. The Pillows come in both a U-shape and a 60" straight shape.

The U-shaped body pillow found at is a product that can be used by most anyone and can be easily molded to one's desired position. The U-shaped pillows are especially helpful for pregnant women; nursing women; for people with fibromyalgia and various other medical ailments; for those people with back and/or body pain; and for helping everyone get a restful and relaxing sleep. They are great for everyone!

The Comfortu Pillows are not only comfortable, but practical, too. Encased in a cover made of a 50/50 cotton/poly blend is the Fusion Fiberfill filling. This combination allows the pillows to breathe and stay fluffy, while offering great protection for those with allergies and providing easy care. Just fluff it up on a regular basis and easily cleaned in the washer and drier. Pillow cases made of other material and of different colors are also available.

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Body Pillows for Seniors

Body pillows can cushion and comfort you while you sleep, giving your joints more even support. Body pillows ergonomically support your spine, joints, and muscles and are easily molded to support just about any size or weight. The ComfortU boby pillow is especially enjoyed by Seniors, and the Elderly.

Easily mold the a body pillow to your desired position. Because of the unique “U” shape of the ComfortU Body Pillow, you can position one end between your knees, bend it to support your upper back, prop it up for additional head and neck comfort... it's flexible. The ComfortU Body Pillow is also great for sustaining your position for watching TV and reading.

Use the ComfortU Body Pillow to elevate your ankles, feet, and legs to reduce swelling. The ComfortU Pillow is effective at reducing pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, backaches, back pain, body pain, and other ailments. Stop restless tossing and turning and enjoy a good night's sleep.

The ComfortU Body Pillow works well for Seniors and elderly at home, in nursing homes, in independent and assisted living residences, and in health care settings where more sedentary individuals require additional support. For those with allergies, ComfortU Pillows are hypoallergenic, too.

Invented by a nurse who had Fibromyalgia, an ailment that caused her to experience chronic joint, body, and muscle pain, she found that having pillows for support relieved her pain. You can read more about her and the ComfortU pillow here

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ComfortU Body Pillows for Singles

Are you used to sleeping with a partner? Is your partner or spouse on a business trip and you can't sleep without them? Are you single and like to have the feeling of being embraced while sleeping? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then perhaps a body pillow is for you.

Soft and supportive, the ComfortU Body Pillow, (so called, because it is shaped like a U) encases you in its cozy, hypoallergenic, U-shaped arms. Snuggle the ComfortU Body Pillow around you for instant tranquility. Stop the restless tossing and turning and let the downy pillow ease you pleasurably into slumber. By nestling your body in the ComfortU body pillow, you can feel secure, and wake refreshed.

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Neck Pain Body Pillow

Do you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck? Do you want to ease shoulder, head, or neck pain naturally? Try a ComfortU body pillow. ComfortU body pillows are made with Fusion Fiberfill, a special fiber that feels like down, but is hypoallergenic. Fusion Fiberfill gives the pillow great resilience to a lot of use and washings, but most of all, ComfortU pillows give your head, neck, and shoulders great support, making sleep comfortable and mornings painless.

Special U-shaped Body Pillow Helps Relieve Neck Pain

The special “U” shape of this body pillow allows you to conform the pillow exactly the way you need it. Typical neck pain in the morning can be caused by adjusting the position of your body and head during the night...typically by tossing and turning. A good body pillow helps you position your body exactly the way you want and then keeps you there. The key is to have a pillow that supports your head, neck, shoulders, and sides to keep you comfortably positioned and restful all night. And if you are a side sleeper, the ComfortU is long enough that you can position one “leg” between your knees and perhaps ankles, and the other leg behind your back, to keep you from rolling from your side to your back.

Try a body pillow to help, you will be pleasantly surprised how it can help relieve pain, and provide a more comfortable night’s rest.

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Body Pillow for Children

Do your children toss and turn at night? Do they have trouble falling asleep? Would you like them to feel safe and secure in their beds? Do they like to crawl into bed with you just to have the feeling that someone is next to them? Do they like to cuddle with something soft? The solution may be found in a body pillow.

A smaller body pillow, specially designed for children and smaller, petite individuals can be just the right size, perfect for snuggling or holding...making children feel cozy and secure. Additionally, they help support a child while reading books, watching television, or playing video games. We like the ComfortU body pillow. It is a giant U-shaped body pillow that comes in a standard and child size (petite). Comfort-U's soft cotton or fleece pillowcase adds additional comfort, to help naturally ease your child to sleep. Comfort-U pillows are hypoallergenic, easy to care for, and make a perfect gift or surprise for the little loved ones in your life.

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Straight Body Pillows

If your preference is for a straight body pillow, Comfort-U has the perfect 60", fusion fiberfill body pillow. This body pillow is perfect for propping between the legs and ankles, when lying on one's side, and helps prop the neck up, too. It works well for people with back issues and pregnant women. Designed for comfort, pain relief, and support. If you prefer more versatility, try the Comfort-U U-shaped pillow for more support and easier contouring.

Back Pain Body Pillow

A quality body pillow relieves back pain by providing support for one's body in several sleep positions. Those suffering from sciatica, rotator cuff injuries or other back, knee or shoulder pain can find great relief by using body pillows. Body pillows for relieving back pain come in many shapes and sizes. They can be straight, curved, long or short. Users of the U-shaped. body pillow tell us that it provides more flexibility for the number of ways it can be used and provides greater support for back pain. Placing a U-shaped body pillow under or between the knees relieves strain on the lower back and knees. Draping a strained shoulder over it can relieve strain due to rotator or other shoulder injuries.

The body uses sleep to repair and rebuild itself and depriving one of a sound night’s sleep can prolong the time to heal. By supporting the injured body parts with a body pillow, an injured person is giving their body the much needed rest it requires to naturally heal itself.

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How to Choose a Pregnancy Body Pillow

How do you choose a Pregnancy Body Pillow? Great question. It can be overwhelming to choose because of the variety of shapes, sizes and prices. There are so many choices out there... Some are short body pillows. Some are curved, some are in the shape of a giant "U". Some body pillows are just straight. And then, there is such a huge variation in prices. Some inexpensive body pillows can be found at the big super retailers for twenty bucks, while some are over a hundred. What's the big difference in all these pillows?

What size and shape of body pillow should you get if you are pregnant?

First, let’s look at the size and shape of a body pillow. The one you choose will be determined by how you will use the pillow. Many users of body pillows are getting them to help reduce back pain during pregnancy. Many want it for sleep comfort. Many want to ease their sleep comfort as they sleep on their side. Here are some of the factors to consider:
  • Support on both sides of the body: For back sleepers, that would mean both the left side and right. If you are a side sleeper, users found it ideal to support the front of the body as well as the back, so they didn't 'roll' backwards in the middle of the night.
  • While straight body pillows or "C" shaped body pillows can be comfortable, they typically will only support one side of the body for "cuddling". Pregnant body pillow users find that they need the support on their back so they don't have to balance. This is why they prefer a pillow that can support both sides. Because of this, a "U" shaped pillow works best.
  • Support between the knees: This requires a pillow long enough to reach from under the head and neck all the way down to the knees.
  • Support between the ankles: For true comfort and pain relief, pregnant users prefer pillows that also can support between the ankles so they don't "knock" against each other.
  • Size: The size of body pillow for pregnancy is a matter of personal preference. Most pillow users prefer pillows that at least go between their knees as well as support under their head and neck. A straight body pillow is good for "cuddling" but will usually require another separate pillow under the head. The "C" shaped pillows can support under the head, neck and knees, but lacks the support on the back to prevent rolling backwards. The "U" shaped body pillow can support the head, neck, knees, front, back and if long enough, ankles.
  • Who will be using the pillow?: Are you petite? Tall? Consider the size, shape and weight of a pillow before getting one. If the pillow is for a petite person, you may want a smaller, or petite body pillow. If the pillow will be used for traveling during pregnancy, a petite pillow may be a nice addition to your pillow collection. Most women will be fine with a standard body pillow.
  • Flexibility of use: Do you want the pillow to be used in multiple positions? Such as sitting up in bed, reading, watching TV, in a chair, in a car, support under knees, back, side sleeping, back sleeping, etc? Longer pillows will allow this more than shorter, straight or "C" shaped pillows.

What is the best value and price for a pregnancy body pillow?

Now let's look at prices of body pillows for pregnancy. The factors that affect the price of a body pillow are: Size, Filling, Material, Shape/Design, Quality, Where it is Made, and Warranty. Let's look at each one of these:
  • Size: The bigger the size, the more material required and more material means more money to manufacture.
  • Filling: More expensive pillows offer a higher quality filling. Filling options will determine if the pillow is resilient to flattening, will if fluff up easier, will it hold it's shape, is it hypoallergenic, does it hold heat or dissipate your body heat, and is it easily washable.
  • Design/shape: More complex designs and shapes requires more time/labor to sew the pillow, stuff the pillow, and sew the case.
  • Quality of Manufacturing: More expensive pillows have better quality standards. In many cases, they are hand made/sewn.
  • Where the Body Pillow is made: If the pillow is made in another country with inexpensive labor, you may save some dollars. However, if the pillow is made in the USA, you will be paying to support the US economy and workers.
  • Warranty: What is the warranty on the body pillow you are considering? Do they have a warranty against flattening? This is another factor to price.
  • A larger body pillow for pregnancy also requires more space at the factory or retailer for storage and may have a higher shipping cost.
  • All of these factors will affect the price of a body pillow.
  • Money back guarantee: Does the manufacturer of the body pillow provide a guarantee? A quality product tends to guarantee their product to ensure your satisfaction. And when you are pregnant, that is one less thing you want to have to worry about in a body pillow.
A few last considerations: When you get a body pillow, consider getting an extra pillow case. You may want one for when one pillow case is in the wash. You may want a different case color or fabric. Body Pillow Cases can come in different colors and fabrics. Some include fleece, cotton, and jersey cotton (like T-Shirt material). Body pillows can sometime be challenging to get the pillow case on. Consider a pillow that has a case with a dual-zipper. This allows you to unzip both zippers and place the whole pillow in the case very easily. A dual zipper also allows you to move both zippers to one spot, open them a few inches, and slip in a hot pad or cool pack, just where you want it.

After reviewing many body pillows, we found that the Comfort-U body pillow is a great choice for many. It is a "U" shaped pillow, great for pain relief, sleep comfort, and relieving pain during pregnancy. It addresses most of the key points listed above.

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U-Shaped Body Pillow

When you looking for, and reviewing U-shaped body pillows, you’ve taken the first step to a great decision. There are many types of body pillows: Straight, curved, “C” shaped, and U-shaped. The advantage of a U-shaped pillow is that it cuddles your entire body. You can use the pillow to support your back and front while sleeping on your side. This keeps you from rolling onto your back while you sleep. A larger sized U-shaped body pillow will also be long enough so you can have one leg of the U extend between your knees and even ankles.

A U-Shaped body pillow can be formed into a number of different positions to support you while reading in bed, watching TV, back sleeping, stomach sleeping, playing video games, or when you just want a pillow to cuddle with during the night.

How do you choose the right U-shaped body pillow? Look for ones that are hypoallergenic, long enough to go down to your knees and ankles, find one with a pillow case that has a double zipper to make it easy to slip the case on and off. Lastly, look for a U-shaped body pillow that has a better quality filling that holds up to repeated use and machine washing.

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Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

If you have back pain during pregnancy, you’re not alone. Millions of women suffer from back pain while pregnant and are looking for relief. Typically, the pain can be tolerable during the day but getting a good nights sleep becomes very challenging. Besides medications, many women have found back pain relief during pregnancy by using a good body pillow. A good body pillow can help pregnant women sleep better. A large majority of customers who buy body pillows at are pregnant. They were looking for pain relief, typically back pain, and claim that a good full size body pillow really helped them.

Could a Body Pillow Provide Pain Relief During Pregnancy?

For sleep comfort and back pain relief, what pregnant women looked for was a body pillow that could allow them to sleep on their side. They wanted a pillow that could support their neck, would be long enough to go between their knees and even ankles, and would also provide support for their belly and back. They chose a U-shaped pillow like the ComfortU. A U-shaped pillow is a full size body pillow in the shape of a giant U. It supports the back, the belly, can go between the knees, and helps relieve back pain. Users of these types of pillows praise the results and comfort they get. So perhaps a body pillow can be the solution for you for your back pain relief during pregnancy.

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Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant or wanting to get a gift for a pregnant friend, perhaps a body pillow would be a great gift. Getting comfortable is one of the biggest challenges when pregnant. Many women have found comfort by using a body pillow. A body pillow is a great solution for sleeping, sitting, and traveling. Finding the right kind of body pillow is key. Questions to consider are: What do you want the body pillow to do? How tall/large are you? Is budget important or is comfort more important? After pregnancy, what will you do with the pillow?

These are all great questions. Here are some answers to consider: If you are looking for a body pillow to provide sleep comfort, perhaps a longer pillow would be best. A U-shaped body pillow, like the ComfortU can provide great comfort and help relieve back pain to provide a restful nights sleep. The “legs” of the U can cradle the body on the front side, providing belly support, and backside to keep you from rolling backwards. The “leg” can also extend down between your knees and ankles for added comfort. A larger pillow can be formed in a many different shapes and used in many different ways such as those shown here. For very petite individuals, consider a smaller, petite body pillow. Typically women five feet and under prefer the petite size. Also consider that after pregnancy, a body pillow that can be adapted for other uses provides great value. A U-shaped pillow, such as the ComfortU, can be formed in many different shapes and used in many different ways. This makes the ComfortU a great longer term investment.

Whatever body pillow you choose, you’ll be glad you did.

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