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Click to enlargeThe Comfort-U was designed by Jean Kelly, RN. Years ago she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an ailment that caused her to experience chronic joint and muscle pain. Jean had continuous problems getting a restful night's sleep until one night she surrounded her body with a "cocoon" of pillows, and the rest is history. She had the first good night's sleep of the rest of her life, and the Comfort-U was born. Since then, Comfort-U has evolved into the most revolutionary body pillow ever, so innovative that its unique U-shaped design with its high tech filling is patented!

I used to dread the pain Id feel when my joints and muscles werent supported. Now, with Comfort-U, I sleep like a baby. It gives me perfect support, and I take it with me wherever I go.

-Jean Kelly, R.N., Oshkosh, WI

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