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Maternity Body Pillow

Having a baby is an exciting time. Sometimes getting comfortable in bed is not so exciting. Often it is very uncomfortable. Many pregnant women have found great relief by cuddling up with a full size body pillow. A maternity pillow that is made specifically to conform to the body can give great relief. One of the most popular maternity body pillows is the ComfortU. Many pregnant women comment on how it really made them more comfortable and that they have used them for all their pregnancies.

A full size body pillow, such as the ComfortU, can be shaped to accommodate many different sleeping and sitting positions. It makes a great maternity pillow. While many body pillows are just straight, the ComfortU is in the shape of a giant “U”. From the bottom of the U to the ends, the pillow is about five feet. Pregnant women have found that this maternity body pillow works wonders to comfort them because of the many ways the pillow can be formed, shaped, and used. Additionally, a maternity body pillow such as the ComfortU pillow makes a great gift. You can learn more about the ComfortU by clicking here

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