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Fibromyalgia Body Pillow

Those who suffer from chronic pain from diseases such as Fibromyalgia know that getting a good nights sleep can be very difficult. Getting a great body pillow can help. In fact, the ComfortU/Comfort-U body pillow was invented by a nurse who had Fibromyalgia. She used to form pillows around her body in the shape of a U. She used this pillow inspiration to create a body pillow which could give her pain relief from the Fibromyalgia. You can read more about the ComfortU pillow here and about the inventor's story here.

Body Pillows for Fibromyalgia sufferers

Thousands have used the specially designed ComfortU / Comfort-U body pillow for pain relief from Fibromyalgia. The pillow is shaped like a giant U. Imagine resting your head in the curve of the U and wrapping the ends of the Pillow on either side of your body. So if you are sleeping on your back, the ends of the body pillow are on your sides. If you sleep on your side, one end of the pillow is along the back of your body and the other end of the pillow would be along the front of your body. Giving you ability to cuddle it and tuck it between your knees and ankles. With the pillow running along both sides of your body, it helps keep you resting in comfort. You can learn more about the ComfortU here

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