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Comfort-U Body Pillow

How is the Comfort-U Body Pillow different from other body pillows? Great question. The Comfort-U pillow is a patented design, by Jean Kelly. Jean is a nurse who suffered from chronic pain (fibromyalgia). To get comfortable while sleeping, she would bunch pillows on either side of her body and under her head. The pillows cuddled her in comfort. She noticed that the shape of the pillows formed a “U”, with her head in the curved part of the pillows. She set out the design and patent one of the most unique and popular body pillows around.

The One and Only Comfort-U Body Pillow

Often copied or imitated, the Comfort-U is the original U-shaped body pillow. It’s ability to adapt to any position, size, and use had made it very popular. The Comfort-U pillow can be used to prop up your back and head while sleeping or watching TV. It can be shaped for slide sleeper or back sleepers. It is a great body pillow for pregnant women who want a maternity pillow to ease their discomfort. The hypoallergenic materials make it perfect for everyone. The comfort-u body pillow had helped give relief to those in pain and sooth those who just want a more relaxed sleep. Find one at

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