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Body Pillows for Seniors and Elderly

Body pillows can cushion and comfort you while you sleep, giving your joints more even support. Body pillows ergonomically support your spine, joints, and muscles and are easily molded to support just about any size or weight. The ComfortU boby pillow is especially enjoyed by Seniors, and the Elderly.

Easily mold the a body pillow to your desired position. Because of the unique “U” shape of the ComfortU Body Pillow, you can position one end between your knees, bend it to support your upper back, prop it up for additional head and neck comfort... it's flexible. The ComfortU Body Pillow is also great for sustaining your position for watching TV and reading.

Use the ComfortU Body Pillow to elevate your ankles, feet, and legs to reduce swelling. The ComfortU Pillow is effective at reducing pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, backaches, back pain, body pain, and other ailments. Stop restless tossing and turning and enjoy a good night's sleep.

The ComfortU Body Pillow works well for Seniors and elderly at home, in nursing homes, in independent and assisted living residences, and in health care settings where more sedentary individuals require additional support. For those with allergies, ComfortU Pillows are hypoallergenic, too.

Invented by a nurse who had Fibromyalgia, an ailment that caused her to experience chronic joint, body, and muscle pain, she found that having pillows for support relieved her pain. You can read more about her and the ComfortU pillow here

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