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Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant or wanting to get a gift for a pregnant friend, perhaps a body pillow would be a great gift. Getting comfortable is one of the biggest challenges when pregnant. Many women have found comfort by using a body pillow. A body pillow is a great solution for sleeping, sitting, and traveling. Finding the right kind of body pillow is key. Questions to consider are: What do you want the body pillow to do? How tall/large are you? Is budget important or is comfort more important? After pregnancy, what will you do with the pillow?

These are all great questions. Here are some answers to consider: If you are looking for a body pillow to provide sleep comfort, perhaps a longer pillow would be best. A U-shaped body pillow, like the ComfortU can provide great comfort and help relieve back pain to provide a restful nights sleep. The “legs” of the U can cradle the body on the front side, providing belly support, and backside to keep you from rolling backwards. The “leg” can also extend down between your knees and ankles for added comfort. A larger pillow can be formed in a many different shapes and used in many different ways such as those shown here. For very petite individuals, consider a smaller, petite body pillow. Typically women five feet and under prefer the petite size. Also consider that after pregnancy, a body pillow that can be adapted for other uses provides great value. A U-shaped pillow, such as the ComfortU, can be formed in many different shapes and used in many different ways. This makes the ComfortU a great longer term investment.

Whatever body pillow you choose, you’ll be glad you did.

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