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Body Pillows by Comfortu

Body Pillows by Comfortu allow for comfortable and relaxing sleep for children as well as adults as they can be easily molded to support just about any size or weight. The Pillows come in various sizes...child-sized body pillow, petite or small sized body pillow, as well as, larger sizes. The smaller sized pillows can also be used for travel. The Pillows come in both a U-shape and a 60" straight shape.

The U-shaped body pillow found at is a product that can be used by most anyone and can be easily molded to one's desired position. The U-shaped pillows are especially helpful for pregnant women; nursing women; for people with fibromyalgia and various other medical ailments; for those people with back and/or body pain; and for helping everyone get a restful and relaxing sleep. They are great for everyone!

The Comfortu Pillows are not only comfortable, but practical, too. Encased in a cover made of a 50/50 cotton/poly blend is the Fusion Fiberfill filling. This combination allows the pillows to breathe and stay fluffy, while offering great protection for those with allergies and providing easy care. Just fluff it up on a regular basis and easily cleaned in the washer and drier. Pillow cases made of other material and of different colors are also available.

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