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Body Pillow for Children

Do your children toss and turn at night? Do they have trouble falling asleep? Would you like them to feel safe and secure in their beds? Do they like to crawl into bed with you just to have the feeling that someone is next to them? Do they like to cuddle with something soft? The solution may be found in a body pillow.

A smaller body pillow, specially designed for children and smaller, petite individuals can be just the right size, perfect for snuggling or holding...making children feel cozy and secure. Additionally, they help support a child while reading books, watching television, or playing video games. We like the ComfortU body pillow. It is a giant U-shaped body pillow that comes in a standard and child size (petite). Comfort-U's soft cotton or fleece pillowcase adds additional comfort, to help naturally ease your child to sleep. Comfort-U pillows are hypoallergenic, easy to care for, and make a perfect gift or surprise for the little loved ones in your life.

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