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4 Dysfunctions Cause Back Pain (Which One is Causing Yours?)


Did you know that your back pain could be caused by your thigh muscles? Or your hip and leg muscles?

You see, if your thigh, hip, leg or other muscles are out of balance, your pelvis and spine get yanked right out of their natural, healthy position!

These hip-dysfunctions are actually the hidden culprit inmost cases of back-related pain.

And they increasingly get worse because they force your back muscles to start working “against the grain,” weakening them over time.

Worse still, it’s almost impossible to get lasting pain relief if you never fix the dysfunction. Everything else is just the symptom… even herniated and bulging discs, sciatica and other back conditions… they’re all just symptoms of these underlying imbalances.

And there are really just FOUR major hip-dysfunctions that you have to worry about:

1) A forward-tipped pelvis
2) A backward-tipped pelvis
3) A high-right pelvis
4) A high-left pelvis

The only non-hip dysfunction we see that also causes pain is really a dysfunction of the neck, which we call a “forward head and shoulders”.

You first important step is to identify which of these dysfunctions is causing your pain.

Once you do that, it’s simply a matter of properly stretching and strengthening the right muscles to fix the dysfunction. Many people are very pleasantly surprised to get deep and lasting relief in just days using these simple, self-treatments!

dysfunctions cause back pain

So if you haven’t done so already, please make sure you:

1) Discover WHICH dysfunctions are the source of your back pain

2) Take the right steps to stretch and strengthen to correct your particular dysfunction

Otherwise you can spend all your time and money on other approaches, but at best they will only give you temporary relief… this in other words is how to FIX the source of your back pain problem for permanent relief!

To take these 2 steps above NOW, click here now to discover the Lose the Back Pain system… this is the only self-diagnosis and self-treatment system that address BOTH the causes and symptoms of your back pain!

With the Lose the Back Pain system, you will be able to identify which neck- or hip-dysfunctions you have and get a personalized self-treatment plan to fix them fast!!!

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