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Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

If you have back pain during pregnancy, you’re not alone. Millions of women suffer from back pain while pregnant and are looking for relief. Typically, the pain can be tolerable during the day but getting a good nights sleep becomes very challenging. Besides medications, many women have found back pain relief during pregnancy by using a good body pillow. A good body pillow can help pregnant women sleep better. A large majority of customers who buy body pillows at are pregnant. They were looking for pain relief, typically back pain, and claim that a good full size body pillow really helped them.

Could a Body Pillow Provide Pain Relief During Pregnancy?

For sleep comfort and back pain relief, what pregnant women looked for was a body pillow that could allow them to sleep on their side. They wanted a pillow that could support their neck, would be long enough to go between their knees and even ankles, and would also provide support for their belly and back. They chose a U-shaped pillow like the ComfortU. A U-shaped pillow is a full size body pillow in the shape of a giant U. It supports the back, the belly, can go between the knees, and helps relieve back pain. Users of these types of pillows praise the results and comfort they get. So perhaps a body pillow can be the solution for you for your back pain relief during pregnancy.

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