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Back Pain Body Pillow

A quality body pillow relieves back pain by providing support for one's body in several sleep positions. Those suffering from sciatica, rotator cuff injuries or other back, knee or shoulder pain can find great relief by using body pillows. Body pillows for relieving back pain come in many shapes and sizes. They can be straight, curved, long or short. Users of the U-shaped. body pillow tell us that it provides more flexibility for the number of ways it can be used and provides greater support for back pain. Placing a U-shaped body pillow under or between the knees relieves strain on the lower back and knees. Draping a strained shoulder over it can relieve strain due to rotator or other shoulder injuries.

The body uses sleep to repair and rebuild itself and depriving one of a sound night’s sleep can prolong the time to heal. By supporting the injured body parts with a body pillow, an injured person is giving their body the much needed rest it requires to naturally heal itself.

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